A&S Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)

VMS is a free, confidential mentoring service for Arts & Science-affiliated entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to educate entrepreneurs by helping them create and sustain for-profit and non-profit ventures. VMS matches prospective and experienced entrepreneurs with carefully selected volunteer mentors to help them build and grow their venture. Mentors are selected for their experience in areas relevant to the needs of entrepreneurs and for their commitment to the program.

Ventures of all types are encouraged to apply.

Program Features:

  • Team mentoring methodology
  • Strict code of ethics to ensure confidentiality and objective, conflict-free advice
  • Best practices for screening, training and retaining highly qualified and committed volunteer mentors
  • Focus on developing the entrepreneur as well as their venture
  • Practical, actionable advice
  • Formal operational processes¬†
  • Available to Arts & Science students, alumni, faculty and staff in the Toronto area

We continue to work closely with our colleagues at MIT as the program framework is modeled on their highly successful MIT Venture Mentoring Service.