Prototyping & Makerspace

The Centre for Entrepreneurship houses prototyping spaces at the Schwartz-Reisman Innovation Campus - West Tower. These labs will become available for Arts & Science-affiliated teams with a product idea in the fall of 2024.

This dry lab space provides a variety of equipment and resources suitable for both digital and physical project development as well as temporary storage facilities. Startups/teams share this space as they work to validate their product supported by Centre for Entrepreneurship staff.

Announcements will be posted once applications for lab access are ready.

The Workshop is a specialized fabrication space equipped with Fused Filament Fabrication and Resin 3D printers, a Laser Cutter, and a Vacuum Former. It provides tools for ventures to create prototypes to help visualize their products.

Prospective users will need to complete a second safety training before being allowed to user the Workshop equipment.

The Spark Lab provides users a space to design, assemble, test, and modify electronic devices. Tools in this lab include Soldering stations, Rework stations, Multimeters, and Oscilloscopes.

This room is also equipped with a 3D scanner for reverse engineering. A computer workstation is available to use with the 3D scanner.

The Galley is a space that members can use for non-toxic heating and cooling processes. It is equipped with two separate refrigerators/freezers to accommodate cold storage of food and non-food items. A cooking range with oven is available along with kitchen utensils and cookware.

The Art-Tech Studio is a versatile space that is equipped with a sewing machine, electronic cutting machine (Cricut), heat press, hand tools, and small power tools. A camera and microphone may be loaned from the Centre for audio and video recording in this lab.

The Art-Tech Studio is reconfigurable to accommodate a wide range of activities from product development, Audio-Visual recording, Group lectures, and open houses.