Mark Elias, Co-founder of Steadiwear works on prototype in the lab.

Techno Incubation

Selected students who complete our Techno training course are invited to join our incubation program. Companies are supported with one-on-one business and technical mentorship, year-round training opportunities and events, assistance with fundraising, and access to our incubation space in downtown Toronto. In addition to office and meeting space, the incubator has equipment and laboratory space on-site that gets startups to their prototypes and beyond. Our team of scientists and engineers are available to provide technical training, expertise, and guidance.


Incubation Space that gets Companies to Prototypes & Beyond


  • Dedicated desk space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Electronics prototyping
  • Tool shop
  • Laser cutter & etcher
  • 3D printer
  • Vacuum former
  • Pick & place machine
  • Wet lab & fume hood
  • Biosafety level 1 lab
  • Optics & laser lab
  • and more…

In addition to office and meeting space, companies developing physical technologies require ready access to a wide range of equipment to rapidly develop prototypes with minimal cost. Even the smallest barrier—such as having the required equipment spread across many different locations or having to outsource to a third-party—significantly hinders this process.

Knowing this, the Impact Centre’s incubating facility is equipped with what startup companies need to build their prototypes and even their first commercial units. Our team of scientists and engineers are available to provide technical training, expertise, and guidance.

We help companies raise funds

Startups developing physical technologies often take years to bring a product to market and generate revenue. Because of this timeline, government programs are a significant source of funding for these companies. Our staff remains up-to-date on granting programs to offer valuable guidance for companies as they navigate the government funding landscape. This guidance has led to success: we’ve helped our startups raise $150,000 each, on average, in non-dilutive funding and exceptional cases have received over $700,000. This seed is crucial for the commercialization process and puts the companies in a better position when they seek private investment.

Startups Funding Sources ($20M+)

Investment, Government (OCE, GCC, Other Provincial, Other Federal, Sales)​​​​​​