Research Services

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University Research at Industry Timelines


Access research talent and high-tech facilities at U of T

The Impact Centre is part of the University of Toronto, Canada’s top research university. We directly partner with companies to create technology solutions by matching them with leading-edge research and managing projects to deliver at industry timelines. There is seamless access into the research environment, as we bring on appropriate academic and network partners and facilitate IP transfer upon project completion.

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Industry-Focused Research


Product design with an eye on the market and application

Working with the Impact Centre allows companies to

  • Leverage science breakthroughs to design superior products
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team of scientists
  • Access state-of-the-art research infrastructure
  • Tap into a broad network of academic partners
  • Lower R&D investment burden through government funding support
  • Benefit from our understanding of standards and regulations

In addition, to assist companies transition a technology into a product, our team surveys the current competitive landscape and studies the target market in order to enable sound design decisions to be made during the R&D process.