Eligibility and Application

VMS is a free, confidential educational service for the Arts & Sciences community. Our goal is to educate entrepreneurs by helping them create and sustain for-profit and non-profit ventures in the real world.

Students should note that the VMS program considers involvement in the VMS program, or in any venture, secondary to their overall academic interests at U of T.


  • VMS serves current undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, staff and faculty from the Faculty of Arts & Science who have a leadership role in a venture.
    • While we mentor the entire venture team, our actual client is the founding entrepreneur with an Arts & Sciences-affiliation. We expect that he or she will remain an active and central participant in all mentoring activities.
  • Participants must be local to the Greater Toronto area.
    • All VMS activities are in-person on the St. George campus, so we only work with locally-based entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs must commit to an on-going relationship with VMS.
    • Expect to send updates on your venture and meet with your mentors on a regular basis.

Application Process:

  • Applications and enrollment is on a rolling basis
  • To apply, complete and submit the online application form found here.
  • All identified proprietary information provided by applicants will be kept strictly confidential by VMS staff. We will review your form and if additional information is required, we will contact you.


  • If accepted, you will receive an enrollment package by e-mail within 7 - 10 days of applying. The enrollment package materials describe the rules and procedures of VMS. There is also a required acknowledgement and release form for you to sign.
  • By enroling, you acknowledge that the VMS mentors are working with you on a volunteer basis and that the Centre for Entrepreneurship incurs no liability in the process.
  • Once you have reviewed that material and returned your signed waiver of liability, staff will work with you to schedule your first mentoring session.