IP Matters: What You Need to Know about IP and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

When and Where

Thursday, November 10, 2022 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Online Event


Artificial Intelligence and related fields including deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing have permeated all industries in recent years. The most successful companies in virtually every industry have a strategy to leverage AI and data while protecting the value of this intellectual property that gives them a competitive advantage. In a rapidly evolving business and legal landscape, it is critical to understand how these IP considerations can help companies succeed on a global stage. Join us for an interactive panel discussion that will cover a broad range of topics and themes ranging including:

  • Ownership and open-source considerations
  • Database protection
  • Protecting AI-generated outputs

This session will be moderated by Alberto Galasso, Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman Chair in Life Sciences Commercialization, and will feature real-world insights from entrepreneurs, legal experts, and researchers.The second half of the session will feature a “camera’s off, Ask Me Anything” opportunity for attendees.

About the IP Matters Series

As part of the University of Toronto’s IP Education Program and in partnership with the Centre for Research and Innovation Support (CRIS), the “IP Matters” Series is a practical and interactive series about intellectual property, designed to inform and educate student, alumni and faculty innovators about real-world considerations. This series will bring together subject matter experts, industry leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs to discuss emerging trends in IP, present case studies, and highlight relevant applications of concepts explored in the IP Education Program modules.