A&S Alumnae Nuha Siddiqui and Kritika Tyagi leading alternatives to plastics

January 19, 2023 by Cindy Wang

Young, growing companies are working to meet the challenge of the single-use plastic ban, the Toronto Star reports, and University of Toronto-accelerated startups Erthos is among those leading the way.

Erthos, founded by alumnae Nuha Siddiqui and Kritika Tyagi, offers fully biodegradable plant-based material as replacement for single-use plastics. Despite the novelty of plant-powered resins, the material is still fully compatible with existing manufacturing technology — no need to buy new machines to switch over.

“We are working with the government of Canada on understanding how we can label and certify compostable plastics to allow them to be sorted according to their end of life,” says Kritika Tyagi.

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