Co-founded by Francois Gouelo (HBSc 2019), Enso Connect disrupts and strengthens the hospitality industry

October 10, 2022 by Digital Journal

Gen Z tech leaders Francois Gouelo (HBSc 2019) and Peter Sorbo continue to redefine hospitality with the Enso Connect Boarding Pass, an ultimate tool for providing guests with a seamless, quick, and easy experience from booking to check-out and beyond.

This feature merges the features and benefits of a digital front desk, virtual concierge, interactive guidebook, and more. All the features can be automated and customized to the exact needs of the host, property manager, or hotelier. They can introduce guests to the property, provide them with all essential information, verify visitors, sign agreements, offer upsells and accept payments, provide access to the property, and monitor conditions of the stay.  

Enso Connect plays an important part in the hospitality technology revolution accelerated by the pandemic and economic turbulence in the world. The hospitality AI-powered communication platform and dynamic operating system with “if this then that” logic allows hospitality operators to create efficiencies, generate more revenue, build a brand and increase guest satisfaction.   

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