Mike Murchison (BSc 2012) and Ada launch new event series, Ada Interact

March 16, 2022 by Ada Support

Ada, the Automated Brand Interaction (ABI) company that bridges the gap between brands and the people they care about, today will be hosting the first installment of its new event series, Ada Interact. Ada Interact is the defining quarterly thought leadership event bringing together experts across industries to share the latest tech, discuss trends, and showcase practical strategies employed by the best brands globally.

Today, in a digital-first world, brands have become the sum of every single interaction they have - with prospects, customers and employees. Ada bridges the gap between what people expect of brands, and what brands actually deliver when they interact. This brand interaction gap is a familiar pain, especially given the impact of the pandemic on changing customer and employee expectations.

This first Ada Interact session will feature Ada CEO, Mike Murchison (BSc 2012), and Justin Gonzalez, the Global Head of Customer Empowerment at Square, the brand trusted by millions of sellers across the globe to power their business and help them thrive in the economy. The session will showcase best practices as well as new technology to extend the impact of automation, enabling brands to deliver the experiences that truly matter at scale. Gonzalez and Murchison will explore the future of customer and employee experience, and how Square has encouraged collaboration and cross-functional alignment to extend its ABI strategy for all stakeholders.

"Prior to Ada, our support experience was incredibly reactive. We were waiting for our customers to come to us with their issues or with their questions," stated Gonzalez. "Since launching Ada, the platform has allowed us to extend our hours of availability, extend our operations, and then ultimately create a more proactive and predictive experience for our customers. Ada makes it possible for us to deliver VIP experiences to everyone within our ecosystem, whether they're a prospective customer, an existing customer or someone looking to grow further with our brand."

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Ada is an Automated Brand Interaction company that bridges the gap between brands and the people they care about. The world's most innovative brands, like Zoom, Facebook, and Square, use Ada's award-winning platform to automate their most valuable interactions, bringing a true VIP experience to every customer and employee. The digital-first company was born in Canada and now serves brands and people worldwide. For more information, visit www.ada.cx