Molli Surgical, led by Fazila Seker (HBSc 1994), and Sprott Surgery’s Breast Surgery Program at UHN will Help Improve Access to Care

April 8, 2022 by Jason Kinear

Toronto-based Molli Surgical is gaining momentum, providing its patient-first solution to University Health Network’s (UHN) Sprott Department of Surgery. Molli Surgical’s Canadian-designed, wire-free and radiation-free marker technology for localizing lesions for breast cancer surgery will improve patient and physician comfort and confidence.

“We are gratified and honored to work with the UHN — a world leader in improving patient access to quality care,” said Fazila Seker (HBSc 1994), PhD, President and CEO of Molli Surgical Inc. “The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at UHN is the latest hospital to adopt Molli to provide a better experience for patients, increase ease and capacity for surgical and radiology departments, and simplify the breast cancer treatment experience.”

UHN is world-renowned for their industry leading scientific research and focus on excellence in patient care and safety. They are committed to innovations like wire-free localization that improve the perioperative journey for all breast surgery patients. Going forward, Molli Surgical will be the provider of wire-free, radiation-free technology used in lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures.

“Localizing breast lesions with wires happened on the same day as a patient’s surgery. This can be challenging, since it involves going through a procedure right before their operation, when patients are already fasting and may be anxious,” said Dr. Tulin Cil, Breast Surgical Oncologist and Gattuso Chair in Breast Surgical Oncology, UHN.

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