Quantum Algorithms Institute and U of T affiliated Xanadu team up to increase talent pipeline in Quantum Computing

March 7, 2022 by Betakit Charles Mandel

Two Canadian quantum computing powerhouses are teaming up. The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) and Xanadu are partnering to help build a skilled future-focused workforce in British Columbia and Canada.

QAI is a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration among industry, academia and government in BC.

Part of QAI’s mission is to develop a strong talent pipeline in quantum information sciences. The QAI said that will be accelerated as students gain access to Toronto-based Xanadu’s hardware, software, and expertise in quantum computing.

Students will also have access to PennyLane, Xanadu’s open-source software library, which will help them as they learn to code quantum computing algorithms.

As part of the training material and course Xanadu and QAI developed, students will be able to work on real-world problems alongside QAI’s industry and government partners in British Columbia, giving students an authentic perspective about quantum computing.

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