Three A&S alumni founded startups make LinkedIn's 2022 'Top 15 Startups' list

September 28, 2022 by LinkedIn News

The 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals 15 emerging Canadian companies gaining attention. Backed by unique LinkedIn data measuring different elements of growth and demand. 3 of the named startups, Ada, BenchSci, and Cohere were co-founded by A&S alumni.


Founded in 2016 by Mike Murchison (HBSc 2012), Ada empowers brands to automate their most valuable interactions, bringing a true VIP experience to every customer and employee.


Founded in 2015 by Tom Leung (HBSc 2006)David Q Chen (HBSc 2007), Elvis Wianda, and Liran Belenzon, BenchSci is a biotech startup that uses machine learning models to help expedite the research and discovery process for medicinal drugs.


Founded in 2019 by Aidan Gomez (BSc 2018)Nick Frosst (BSc 2016), and Ivan Zhang, Ada's goal is to make natural language processing — the complex tech which makes chatbots run — more accessible to developers.

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